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I love to travel all over the globe shopping for textiles to add to my wearable art. I have taught quilting to school children in Nepal, seminole patchwork to seamstresses in Thailand, and jackets and embellishment to quilters in Turkey where I also served as a judge at 2 of their International Quilt Shows. I have created garments for 5 Fairfield and Bernina Fashion Shows and teach classes on embellishment and wearable art. Lately I have been leaning more toward making art quilts.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trip to India & Nepal- Jaipur-Amber Fort

The elephant rides we missed.

We found a snake charmer with a cobra on the way up. I see fewer and fewer of them every year.

Now I actually see more of them in Nepal around holidays.

We finally arrive at the entrance to the Fort.

The other Fort further up the hill. We'll save that for next time.

And still more steps of course.

The courtyard where the elephants unload their passengers.

The entrance to the Palace.

An interesting lock.

Beautiful designs on the exterior of the Palace.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to India & Nepal- Jaipur- Part 2

Our first stop in Jaipur was the shop where I have been purchasing the wonderful quilted scarves made from saris.

They had lots of other interesting things including this beautiful umbrella.

Since I knew this dealer in the past and knew the quality of his merchandise I had been ordering them sight unseen. But it was wonderful to be able to make my own choices which they packed up in a huge duffle bag.

The next day it was off to the Amber Fort a few miles out of town.

An even older fort higher on the hills.

The walls seemed to go on for miles

The walking approach up to the Fort.

And the pretty gardens .

The walls reminded me of the Great Wall.

My plan was to take the elephants to the top.

Somehow we missed that entrance and had to walk up.

"Surely it can't be much further".

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

India & Nepal Trip- Jaipur

We took an overnight train again ...this time to Jaipur. We checked into our lovely hotel and I found I had been upgraded to a small suite with a sitting room.

It even had a safe which I never trust.

The street in front of our hotel. I would not stay there again as they had a sort of tuk tuk mafia going. The doorman would only allow tuk tuks to sit near the hotel if they gave him a big kickback which, of course, raised the rates. We found a nice driver and used him for the three days we were in town.

The parking lot in front of the restaurant where we had dinner the first night.

An interesting window at a car salesroom.

Local dress shop.

A breakfast buffet was included with the room and was excellent.

Beautiful mural on the wall in the breakfast room.

The hotel had lovely gardens and grounds.
Ganesh statue on the grounds.

And a pool of course.

One of the sitting areas.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to India & Nepal- Udaipur- Elephants, monkeys & camels

Some Indian cities are overrun with monkeys. The market in Udaipur appears to be no exception. Barb had a great time feeding them.

They were perched right above a snack stand which made this an easy process.

A camel on its way home after a hard day.

Beautiful mural on a downtown building.

Fountain in a pretty public fountain.

Popular fast food stand.

Fast food stand for elephants?

The cows were everywhere here. Even in the fashionable area near our hotel.

Flower sellers in front of the Temple.

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