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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back to Mayan Families and Olgas in Panajachel

Then it was time to go back to Mayan Families.

They were having a meeting with many of the parents of sponsored students. They explained the situation that they do not know if all the students will be sponsored for the coming year.
They also told them that, sadly, we do not have many donations for the Christmas/ Holiday Tamale Baskets and that they will not be able to give them to all the sponsored students.

They also talked to them about the construction in Tierra Linda. How everyone is working very hard to be able to bring a junior high school to the village. The lower level school is currently finished except for the roof and they are looking for funds to complete it.

Later we went back to Olgas's house. They needed a new set of filters for their Water Filtering System and that was something we could do right away.

Installing the new filters.

Olgas's number is #1049.

The stove the family cooks tamales on.
Tamale baskets are beginning to be distributed and this will continue over many more days. If you would like to contribute $35 for a basket go to:

You can make it for the general fund for some worthy family or for Olga's family #1049

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