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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Its Big Doings in Wolcott--The 200th Anniversary Parade

Here is my son, his wife Jill , Jack and Luke sitting in front of one of the churches in town waiting for the big event. It was a bit misty but that didn't slow down the festivities which have been running for several days.
Of course there had to be people selling balloons and stuffed animals.

And all the mayors of the surrounding towns had to ride by in an impressive or at least big car.
My daughter Barbara. This was the first car of the parade. I have loaded these photos in three times and can't seem to get the order right.
The parade begins with a few police cars.
And we had to have golf carts announcing the different towns for some reason.

And what would a parade be without lots of old cars and trucks?

This is a float representing the falls in town.
And an oldtime school.
And the Princess float with my granddaughter Abby on it.
Abby is under the umbrella to the left. Giving her best Princess wave.

And of course it needs people in animal costumes.

Lots of floats dispensed candy from local industries and businesses. This group is from Electromark where my daughter in law Jill works. The kids love this of course.
And of course every parade needs an Uncle Sam on roller skates.

And a statue of liberty.

Every firetruck in the county always turns out for every parade, no matter how small. And the old fire trucks too.
And an old propane truck for some reason.

A lots of terrific marching bands. Who tried to keep from drowning each other out.
And firemen...some in spiffy uniforms.

This is the first parade I ever attended with dump trucks! There was a brand new dump truck from every town around it seemed.
Thats all folks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger DeCamp Art Quilt Studio said...

Great pics! Now we know what you were up to this weekend...
Didn't your parade include any garbage trucks? (Our Canal Town parade always has a least one...)

July 16, 2007 at 9:59 AM  

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