Friday, March 1, 2013

Trip to India Jan-Feb 2013- Bikaner Haveli's

The street outside my hotel which is under the red flag to the left.
A restaurant near the Fort.  Good food but way overpriced due to the location.
I lucked out once again with tuk tuk drivers to take me around town.  This time it was to the old section to look at some of the old havelis.
I thought that the carving on this one was just exquisite.
Because most of the homes were closed up this area was not very busy.

Lots of exquisite old doors.

Sadly a lot of the buildings are being torn down.
Its easier to sell them as parts than to refurbish them.

And some pidgeons are making inroads through the wooden shutters.

As we walked around we started walking down a narrow alley where three cows were resting on the road.  My driver said "no, not this way...Cows are dangerous"  Now they tell me.

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