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I love to travel all over the globe shopping for textiles to add to my wearable art. I have taught quilting to school children in Nepal, seminole patchwork to seamstresses in Thailand, and jackets and embellishment to quilters in Turkey where I also served as a judge at 2 of their International Quilt Shows. I have created garments for 5 Fairfield and Bernina Fashion Shows and teach classes on embellishment and wearable art. Lately I have been leaning more toward making art quilts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trip to India March-April 2010 - Bhubaneswar

After four days in Puri it was time to head for the train station and the two hour trip to Bhubaneswar.

I had a ticket in a 2A Sleeper coach which sleeps six overnight.  Four on the long sides.  The end of the bunk closes off with curtains between the bunks and the hallway.

And two on the sides.  I prefer this bottom bunk when I travel  overnight on this class coach as it closes off with a curtain for privacy.  The disadvantage is that there is not much storage underneath.

 I checked into my hotel and took a tuk tuk to the local craft market...which I was told was similar to the craft market in New Delhi.

Unfortunately the best thing about the market was the cow standing outside.  Most of the market was empty except for a few fast food stands.  A waste of time.  Not only that I had a really difficult time finding a tuk tuk back to my hotel.

My hotel was in back of the train station and my best route was through the station.  Two children took an unusual interest in me.

The temples in the Bhubaneswar of the great tiles in the station.



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