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I love to travel all over the globe shopping for textiles to add to my wearable art. I have taught quilting to school children in Nepal, seminole patchwork to seamstresses in Thailand, and jackets and embellishment to quilters in Turkey where I also served as a judge at 2 of their International Quilt Shows. I have created garments for 5 Fairfield and Bernina Fashion Shows and teach classes on embellishment and wearable art. Lately I have been leaning more toward making art quilts.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tiger Temple Part One

After lunch it was time to go to the Tiger Temple, a large complex where the monks have taken in abandoned animals. There most famous orphans , of course, are the tigers. In the afternoon they take their rest period in a valley where tourists are allowed to have their photos taken with them.

You have your choice of just one photo for the regular admission price of 500 baht ($15) or have several personal photos...including one with a tiger with its head in your lap for an additional 1000. We chose the later of course.

The tigers have a great rapport with the monks who raised them from cubs.

What a nice kitty.

The handlers are extremely careful with the tourists. They are led around by the hand from one pose to another with great care.

You are told exactly what to do while your "handler" takes your photo with your camera.

Somehow that doesn't look all that comfortable.

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