Sunday, June 10, 2012

Penny's Wedding

Last Saturday was the wedding day of my daughter Penny in Binghamton.  The bride's first appearance in her wedding dress.

Her best friend and Maid of Honor, Nadia, does some final preparations.

And Dominic, her great nephew, gets some help with his outfit from his mother Christine.

Her sister, Barbara, the Matron of Honor, gets a bit of help with her outfit.

Dominic's step-father, Michael, holds the new baby Lily and Kaelyn, his daughter, is all ready for her flower girl duties.

Kaelyn is admiring Barbara's finished outfit.

 Penny's hair gets a few tweeks.
And Dominic needs still more work on his outfit.

Then there's the veil to contend with, borrowed from Christine.

Penny's Aunt Elizabeth wishes her luck.

 The guests begin to arrive in the main section of the church.
Dominic is finally dressed and ready for his ring bearer duties.

 The bridal party is all ready for the signal for the walk down the aisle.
And Carlos, the groom, waits  patiently for his cue.

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