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I love to travel all over the globe shopping for textiles to add to my wearable art. I have taught quilting to school children in Nepal, seminole patchwork to seamstresses in Thailand, and jackets and embellishment to quilters in Turkey where I also served as a judge at 2 of their International Quilt Shows. I have created garments for 5 Fairfield and Bernina Fashion Shows and teach classes on embellishment and wearable art. Lately I have been leaning more toward making art quilts.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Day at Marcia's Studio

I spent a wonderful day with Beth Brandkamp at Marcia DeCamp's gorgeous studio in Palmyra. She had two finished quilt tops on the wall and the first order of "business" was to discuss ways to quilt them.
This is another in her series of Jet Trails.
I hung my new quilt on one of her seven design walls to take a final look before I put it together with the backing and batting to quilt it.
Beth had yet another fabulous collection of blocks...these made from vintage fabrics and containing as many as 100 pieces in a tiny block! She is going to add beige strips between the blocks. Just gorgeous. Of course Inspector Suki had to stop by for a visit and to be admired.

I made these blocks about 4 years ago and decided it was time to put them together. Being able to arrange them on Marci's wall made all the difference. This was the arrangement I had picked before this visit. The white dots are numbers and don't belong on the quilt. The design is called Tapas and made by Pie in the Sky Quilts. After a few attempts we decided on this arrangement. The top and bottom peaks will be cut off and the quilt squared at both right and left sides with triangles. We had to take a break of course for a nice lunch in town followed by a visit to a local quilt shop which was going out of business and was selling great fabric at 45% off. How could we resist.


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